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            By staying on at Keswick School you will be working with teachers who are known to you and who
            know you well, in an environment you are familiar with and comfortable in. This means you will
            settle quickly into your Sixth Form courses. We are very pleased to welcome a significant number
            of new students every year, including boarders, which adds to the distinctiveness of the Sixth
            Form: we find that new students settle in very well.

            If you are new to school you will benefit from an experienced and highly qualified team of Sixth
            Form teaching and pastoral staff. The experience and skill of the teaching body, coupled with a
            strong pastoral system which is committed to the success of every student, means that we have a
            strong record in A levels, BTECs and other level 3 qualifications.

            OFSTED reported in 2014: “The Sixth Form curriculum is excellent. Sixth Formers are particularly
            well prepared for future employment and higher education through the outstanding programme
            of study they are given. They take full advantage of a myriad of opportunities to take
            responsibility and consequently make a major contribution to the success of the school.” And in
            2011: “Students achieve so well in the Sixth Form because teaching is consistently of the highest
            quality. It is challenging, lively and purposeful at all times. It is consistent in promoting students'
            thinking skills and their skills as independent learners.”

            We have a purpose-built Sixth Form Centre. This gives the students work spaces which are
            separate from the main school. The study areas are Wi-Fi enabled. These areas are permanently
            staffed by the Sixth Form Learning Supervisors, who support students with their private
            independent study. The students also have a social area in the Sixth Form Centre. The Head of
            Sixth Form and Heads of Year have permanent offices in this building and are readily available.

            The school offers excellent learning facilities in all subjects, including dedicated IT suites, Wi-Fi and
            an award-winning library, staffed by a professional librarian. We have outstanding provision for
            music, drama and dance in the Crosthwaite Music Centre, the Judi Dench Performing Arts Theatre
            and the dance studio. In 2018 we completed the build of the new International Languages Centre,
            containing dedicated modern classrooms equipped with superb IT facilities to support teaching
            and learning, and the addition of a new physics lab to the science teaching rooms. There is a sports
            hall, a gym, a climbing wall and a range of outdoor pitches offering first-rate recreational

            Above all, we recognise that whatever step you take after your GCSEs in Year 11, it must be a
            positive step that will take you forward and lead to success. We endeavour to help you achieve
            this, but it must be a shared commitment.  We are looking for students who want to return to
            school, and who want to succeed.

            The Sixth Form Tutorial Programme

            Students undertake a tutorial programme, guided by their Form Heads. The main themes of this
            will be the development of the necessary academic and interpersonal skills required to make a
            successful transition to higher education or the workplace. For the former, we encourage students
            to undertake super-curricular activities which broaden the student's profile of academic skills,
            knowledge and understanding. For the latter, we base our approach on the principles of LORIC:
            Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.
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